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NEPVA Billiards Tournament

On May 18th and 19th we held our 6th Annual Billiard Tournament in Clinton, MA. The Tournament was held at Breakaway Billiards. The owner of Breakaway, Jim Souza was gracious AGAIN to donate his hall to us, which we now call home for our Tournaments.

We began registrations on Friday night and continued first thing Saturday morning. The major sponsors for this Tournament were, of course Breakaway Billiards, and Budweiser, who donated all of our raffle items and were fantastic in helping to promote our Tournament. Also the American Pool Players Association (APA) was extremely important, whereas this was an APA sanctioned event. They were great to work with and cared about NEPVA and our Sports Programs. They spent months helping to promote this Tournament! Without these and other sponsors we would not be able to have a successful Tournament.

The Tournament began Saturday morning at 10:30 am with 22 teams of two. Another APA Tournament was being held there also, so it was a very busy place that weekend. The format was called a “Scotch Doubles” style of Billiards, which means it was rotating shots between partners.

It was double elimination, so it lasted all of two days. The Budweiser girls came in on Saturday to help out with our 50/50 Raffle which turned out to be a great success! On that note, the silent auction went off well too. It all came down to Sunday evening with three teams in the finals, with an unfortunate loss by Gretchen and Mike LaMarca, who had a fantastic weekend and finished fourth. Congratulations go out to all the winners, especially Ken and Bill Ludy who were undefeated all weekend. The winners were as follows:

It was a long weekend for all. Special thanks go out to all the volunteers and sponsors. Without them, this tournament could not happen. We look forward to next year, and hope that it will be bigger than ever.