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Exhibition Wheelchair Basketball Games

NEPVA Celtics "Hoops on Wheels" team is a special wheelchair basketball team that provides a unique fund raising opportunity to schools, colleges, and various organizations.

NEPVA Celtics participate in exhibition wheelchair basketball games against your "All-Star" team in wheelchairs provided by NEPVA Celtics. We suggest your "All-Star" team be comprised of town officials, policemen, firemen, students, teachers, local celebrities and other well-known people from the community. To promote school spirit, we encourage students and teachers to team up and challenge the NEPVA Celtics.

Exhibition wheelchair basketball games are an excellent way to raise the much needed funds for your school or organization and to support our wheelchair sports programs. Funds can be acquired by contacting local businesses and corporations as well as selling tickets to the event. Through exhibition wheelchair basketball, we can together change the myths and stereotypes people may have about persons with disabilities.

Each exhibition game is tailored made to meet your goals and to be an exciting, fun-filled evening for the audience and all participants. We alter our game to all levels of competition and put the "FUN" back in fundraising!

We encourage businesses and corporations to get involved by sponsoring an exhibition wheelchair basketball game at a local school or college. The event is a real unique opportunity to become involved in your community and to support people with disabilities. Any type of donation is greatly appreciated as we have a variety of ways you can support an exhibition wheelchair basketball game.