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Best 1/10 Buggy Tires For Loose Dirt Of 2024: Completed List

Gretchen Rubin
  May 24, 2024 10:58 AM

Choosing the best 1/10 buggy tires for loose dirt is an important step in maintaining your vehicle's performance and durability. A good set of tires will help you achieve maximum speed, while a bad set will make your vehicle lose speed and lose control.

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Axial Ripsaw

RC vehicles need to have the proper tires for the type of terrain they are driving on. For example, you want a tire with good grip for hard packed dirt. If the terrain is loose, you need a tire with good grip for that as well.

Axial tires are a great choice for your RC vehicle. They have been designed for a wide variety of terrains and conditions. They have been manufactured with R35 sticky compound. They are also balanced for strength.

When you're running a 1/8 RC vehicle, you should look for tires with good traction. You also need a tire that will dislodge dirt. Axial Ripsaw tires have this built into them. They also come with standard foam inserts and a 5.5" height. They are a bit smaller than the 2.2 Ripsaw but they are a great choice for any type of terrain.

Axial tires are made of super soft compounds for excellent grip. The tires also feature a 4-link design, which provides more ground clearance. They also feature a smooth action and proper anti-squat and roll characteristics. You can also choose from a variety of spur gears to adjust the overall ratio.

If you're looking for a new set of tires for your RC vehicle, you should consider using Axial Ripsaw tires. They have an 81mm width and are balanced for strength. The tires weigh 13.3 ounces. They come in four pairs and you can also buy a spare wheel.

Axial Dirt Hawg

Whether you're looking to run your buggy on the streets or on the trails, you'll want the right tires. Thankfully, the Dirt Hawg is the perfect tire for a range of different conditions. It's designed for loose dirt, but also has a nice grip on asphalt. Combined with its durable construction, this tire will work for you whether you're hitting the asphalt or slogging through the woods.

The Pro-Line "Dirt Hawg" 2.2" buggy tires are great for backyard thrashing, but are also compatible with the Associated B3 off-road kits. These tires are the perfect way to show off your rc car's scale looks while also providing the stability and durability to take on the rough and tumble of the streets.

Axial Dirt Hawg I Off-Road Tires are designed to provide more stability and durability while still providing great all-around traction. Combined with their 2.2" black wheels, you'll have more grip than you ever thought possible. The tires are available in pairs and come with foam inserts to help them last through even the roughest terrain.

When it comes to a name brand tire, the Dirt Hawg from Proline has got to be one of the best. It features a proprietary all-terrain design and a small but well-engineered tread that will work on just about any terrain you can throw at it. It's also one of the few tires that can take on loose dirt without breaking a sweat.


JC's Reflex 1/10 buggy tire offers a new take on a classic formula. This tire uses the same square angled lugs as their Hybrid tire but adds a step-spike feature to smooth out the transition in bumpy sections. The stacked tread is also a feature that wears less and offers more forward bite.

The Reflex's gizmo-esque features include a double-hatch pattern in the ribbing on the inside of the tire. The ribbing is bonded together using horizontal traction bars, and the result is a tire with a lot more push at high speed. It also features an integrated sidewall, which blends into the step-spike feature. The ribbing is also designed to resist tearing.

The Reflex's smallest sibling, the R-Line, is a pre-mounted tire that features EVO wheels. These wheels are designed to offer higher punishment than stock buggy wheels while retaining the stiffness that's necessary for a racing wheel. The ribs are also triple radial to provide extra rigidity.

The Reflex's other tidbits include a double-shape radial rib design and an integrated sidewall that blends into the step-spike feature. These tidbits, along with the rest of the Reflex's features, are designed to help you perform the best you can in the most extreme conditions. The JC Reflex is available in two different compounds and is compatible with all 60mm/2.4" wheel combinations. The JC Reflex is a great choice for loose dirt, water, and even treated outdoor tracks.


Using a Lesnar 1/10 buggy tire to its fullest can yield a measurable boost in performance, traction and overall safety. Specifically, the top-of-the-line tire is designed to be both functional and fun. Moreover, it's also a low cost option for a discerning track enthusiast. The one-piece snoot has a smooth, grippy surface that will leave little doubt as to who's the fastest around the track. The high-tech wheel is outfitted with a top-of-the-line wheel bearing system that will have you gliding to victory in no time. Its all-around performance means it's a good fit for both track and off-track activities, e.g., mud and sand racing.

In addition, the tire boasts an impressive carcass that makes it a worthy mate to the competition. In fact, it's the best all-rounder you're likely to find on the track. The best part is that it's available on white wheels. Moreover, it's a ready-to-ride, no-fuss buy.

Jetko Dirt Slinger

Using the right type of 1/10 buggy tires for loose dirt is essential to a smooth ride. They should be balanced and strong, but also provide grip when needed. A good example of the latter is the Duratrax RC tire. These tires feature a super soft C3 compound, giving you maximum grip power in even the loosest of dirt tracks. They are also able to plow through muddy and even slushy terrain, giving you a smoother ride.

The best bet is to pick the best tires for your style of racing. For a 1/10 short course truck, the most efficient way is to pick a pair of the same size on the front and back. These tires will provide a good grip on all types of dirt, including muddy or slushy conditions.

Another good choice is the Jetko Dirt Slinger 1/8 buggy tire. This tire has a unique tread pattern with large center lugs and a slightly smaller outer tread, giving you a good balance between performance and weight. It also has a couple of angled lines stuck into the sidewall, which may sound like a no-brainer, but it really does make a difference.

The Dirt Slinger isn't the most precise tire on the market, but it does the job. Its large center lugs make it easier to mount and it will perform better on a variety of off-road tracks, including those that have a lot of dust. The side pins have also been adjusted to make it easier to drive.

Duratrax RC

Whether you're building a monster truck or a short course truck, you'll need tires that provide good grip. You can pick from several tire manufacturers. One option is the Duratrax brand.

The Duratrax 1/10 short course 2.8'' Lockup C2 is a great tire for off-road use. This model comes with foam inserts for extra grip. It also features color coded sidewalls. These tires are suitable for both dirt and pavement.

The 2.8 MT tires with foam inserts are mounted on black six-spoke plastic rims. This tire is made of high quality rubber. The wheels are balanced and have a good anti-skid strength. The wheels are also wear-resistant.

The Pro-Line Badlands MX tires are perfect for loose and loamy dirt. They feature a bigger and bolder knobby tread that matches the modern MX tire design. The tires are also good for grass and mud. They are available in three variations.

The 2.8 MT tires have foam inserts that substitute air. This makes them more expensive. They also come in pairs. You can choose from different colors. The wheels are also molded with 10 aggressive spokes. They are also good for carpet 2wd short course trucks.

The tires are made of super soft compounds that provide good grip on all surfaces. They are balanced and easy to service. The wheels have a 14mm wheel position.

The tires are suitable for 1/8 RC buggy and 1/10 short course trucks. They come in four pcs.

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