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Best 33x12.50r20 All Terrain Tires : Review And Buying Guide

Gretchen Rubin
  Feb 25, 2024 3:19 PM

Choosing the best 33x12.50R20 all terrain tires can be a difficult decision. There are a lot of different options on the market, and they can vary in price, performance, and durability. Taking time to research each tire can ensure that you get the best fit for your vehicle.

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Buying Guide

Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T

Whether you're off roading or just driving on the open road, Mickey Thompson's Baja Boss A/T is the ideal tire for your needs. It features a unique tread design and a silica-reinforced compound to provide superior performance in all types of terrains. It's also a great tire for wet weather, with its asymmetric tread pattern that reduces noise and improves traction.

This tire also features Mickey Thompson's proprietary PowerPly XD construction, which adds an extra denier cord to improve handling and puncture resistance. Besides the improved handling, it also provides quicker steering response and greater stability.

Mickey Thompson's Baja Boss is an on-off road all-terrain tire, perfect for full-sized SUVs, vans and pickup trucks. It also offers a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty. Combined with its aggressive appearance and smooth ride, this tire is the ultimate off-road tire.

The Baja Boss also boasts a nifty new silica-reinforced compound, which strengthens the tire's wet handling and braking performance. This compound also extends the life of the tire.

Other features of the Baja Boss A/T include a asymmetric tread pattern that improves handling and reduces noise in all types of weather. The asymmetric design also reduces the chances of uneven wear on paved roads.

Mickey Thompson has been manufacturing premium wheels and tires for over fifty years. It has a reputation for creating high-performance wheels and tires for both on- and off-road vehicles. Aside from its tires, Mickey Thompson also offers a plethora of wheels. These include the Baja series, the Metal series and the Deegan series.

While it is not the first tire to feature an asymmetric tread design, the Baja Boss A/T is a great choice for off-road enthusiasts. Its silica-reinforced compound helps increase traction and durability, while its asymmetric tread design improves handling. The Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T is available at Custom Offsets, a company that offers quick delivery and 0% financing. With a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty and free shipping to the lower 48 states, this tire is a great choice for adventurous truck owners. It also has a unique tread design, which keeps the tire's footprint as small as possible on off-road terrain surfaces.

BF Goodrich KO2

BF Goodrich KO2 33x12.50r20 all terrain tires are designed to provide maximum off-road performance. KO2 is a tough tire, but also a highly comfortable off-road tire. It's perfect for drivers who want the best performance, but don't want to sacrifice off-road traction. They're also comfortable on the road, so you won't have to worry about a noisy or squeaky ride.

With an all-terrain tread design, KO2 provides extreme traction in wet, dry, and snowy conditions. It also features an aggressive high-void all-terrain pattern, which combines durability with traction. In addition, KO2 is more durable than the original KO, which means you get more mileage. KO2 is also more street friendly than the original KO, which means you won't have to worry about losing traction when you're driving on the highway.

KO2's sidewall is made from a tougher rubber compound and is built to resist splits and bruises. It's also reinforced with CoreGard Technology, a sidewall protection system. It also has a three-ply polyester carcass, which helps keep the tire's shape. The sidewall is also reinforced with a stiffer tread area, which increases steering response and reduces tread wear.

The KO2 features an interlocking tread pattern that improves driving stability and resistance to tread wear. Its 3D interlocking sipes also provide additional grip and increase the tire's durability.

The KO2's design is also optimized to spread driving pressure evenly across the tread area. It also features a deep tread depth to create biting edges. It also includes a single-strand bead and twin steel belts. This construction helps improve the tire's ride quality, while its single-strand bead improves the fit of the wheel.

BFGoodrich's KO2 is also tested for snow and mud traction, which helps ensure that it's ready to tackle any challenge. It also has a 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake Rating, which means that it provides extra longitudinal snow traction.

BFGoodrich KO2 33x12.50r20 tires are ideal for light truck owners who want to enjoy the benefits of all-terrain tires. They're available for purchase online, and can be shipped right to your door. They're also standard equipment on Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and Ford SVT Raptor.


Designed for heavy-duty use on all terrains, Nitto's Ridge Grappler tire features a revolutionary hybrid tread design that's engineered to deliver a combination of all-season traction, durability and on-road comfort. Its patented zig-zag tread pattern provides maximum grip in wet and dry conditions, while its unique stepped shoulder design offers superior off-road performance.

Nitto Ridge Grappler tires are also engineered for maximum traction in winter weather conditions. This translates to a smoother on-road ride, better highway manners, and improved fuel economy. The tire's aggressive off-road sidewall design also provides the grip to help pull your truck through deep mud.

The tire's patented tread design incorporates a slew of other interesting features. For instance, the tire's stepped shoulder design enables it to perform on soft surfaces without dragging, reducing the risk of your tire getting stuck. In addition, the tread's all-season compound helps to improve wet weather grip, while also preventing premature wear.

Among the more mundane features, Nitto Ridge Grappler also boasts a flat footprint, which maintains its ideal shape under load and keeps the road surface in contact with your wheels. It also increases steering responsiveness, and improves load carrying capacity.

Nitto's Ridge Grappler is the best tire for all types of driving. Its all-season performance makes it an ideal choice for SUVs, light trucks, and vans. Aside from its impressive list of features, the tire also has a traditional look for on-road commuting.

In addition to its impressive list of features, the Ridge Grappler's patented zig-zag tread design also includes stone ejectors in the bottom of the grooves. This helps keep your footprint clean and free from rocks that might otherwise drill into the tire casing.

Although this tire might not be the cheapest on the market, its all-around capabilities make it an ideal tire for a variety of drivers. Its high-quality construction and self-cleaning design will keep it performing at its best for longer. It's also designed for maximum compatibility with most truck manufacturers.

The tire's other notable features include a stepped shoulder design that provides excellent off-road grip, while also reducing tire noise on the highway. The tire's other impressive features include an impressively large tread area and a variable pitch tread pattern.

General Tire

Developed for SUV and pick up truck drivers, all terrain tyres are made to provide excellent grip on rough terrain. They also feature optimized tread block geometry to provide a comfortable on-road drive. They also protect the upper sidewall area from punctures and debris.

General's Duragen Technology improves the durability of their tires. The construction features two polyamide plies for strength and a high-strength steel belt for structural stability. The reinforced internal structure provides the optimal shape and shape under driving pressure.

The tire also features a five-row tread pattern, alternating shoulder scoops, and high density multi-angle traction edges. These features improve grip in every direction. The tread's flat footprint maintains contact with the road surface, while the traction notches provide additional grip on slippery surfaces.

The tire is also designed to accept metal studs for enhanced traction on ice and packed snow. The tread design also features a special absorption layer for increased ride comfort. Its tough compound provides long tyre life in tough terrain.

The tire also offers an acoustic tread pattern, which reduces off-road sounds. The tread pattern includes corner notches, high density multi-angle traction edges, and alternate shoulder scoops for a large gripping area. These features help reduce off-road vibrations and provide exceptional off-road capability.

The tire is also equipped with Sidewall Protection Lugs, which help protect the tire body from punctures. It also features a rim protection rib, which helps shield the tyre from damage. It also features stacked deflection ribs to protect the upper sidewall area.

General tires have earned a reputation as the leading name in off-roading tires. Their durable tires have gotten thousands of miles of use and are still in good condition. Known for their tough compound, these tires also provide good handling and stability at high speeds. They are also good in mud and gravel.

General's Grabber series includes all-terrain tires that are designed for SUVs and light trucks. Their tires also feature sidewall protectors, ribs, and evacuation channels to help reduce tire cleaning. They also offer an aggressive styling and off-road capabilities.

The tire has a treadwear warranty of up to 60,000 miles, ensuring that you have a tire that performs well for years to come. It also offers 3-Peak Mountain Snowflake Certification, which guarantees exceptional all-weather traction.

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