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Top 14 Best Electric Pool Vacuum Cleaners Of 2023

Gretchen Rubin
  Nov 30, 2023 1:23 PM

Using the internet, we discovered how many possibilities are there. Even we got lost: the competition is tough. So, we laid out criteria to choose the best electric pool vacuum cleaners. The criteria were fairly simple: get the most bang for a buck, have great performance and user reviews.


Having a private pool at your house is the epitome of opulence, especially in the hotter months. Yet, there is a great deal of planning and maintenance that goes into putting one in!

Chemicals must be kept up, water must be kept clean and free of filth and pests, and all of this must be done even in the midst of all the downtime. The best electric pool vacuum cleaners are discussed here since they are crucial for maintaining the clarity of your in-ground or above-ground pool.

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Those who desire a little more command over the pool cleaning process may appreciate these vacuums, which must be held by the user throughout the entire process. When used with a pool's existing filtration system, these are ideal for pools of any size. Both in terms of popularity and affordability, it is among the top options.


Handheld vacuums for pools are typically manual vacuums. However, "manual" only refers to the fact that you provide the energy for the device. They'll hook up to your pool's filter system and clean the pool by circling the vacuum around itself.


Pressure pool vacuums, one of the more potent choices, connect to your pool and use the pressurized water to clean the pool. They're completely independent, handling both the relocation and the tidying up themselves.


The use of robots is another possibility. They don't require you to get wet when cleaning your pool, and you can set them to work automatically. They are powered by rechargeable batteries, and the pool pump must be turned off before to cleaning.

Working Components

Vacuum cleaners for swimming pools come in a variety of designs and features. The suction of some is powered by a garden hose, while others run on batteries or electricity, and still others are connected to your pool's filter system. Consider a water-powered or rechargeable vacuum cleaner if you don't enjoy wasting water through your pool's filtration system.


Some pool vacuums are bottom-mounted and weighted to remain there while sucking up particles. A lot of them are built to be lightweight so that you may direct the cleaning procedure without straining your muscles. Selecting a vacuum that is manageable in terms of weight is essential. The heavier automated vacuums can be difficult for some persons to remove by themselves.

Cleaning Capacity

Can you tell me how long your new pool vacuum's battery lasts on a single charge? Can you tell me how much junk its filter can catch? You may wish to upgrade your pool vacuum's charging and filtering capacities if you live in an area with plenty of trees and consequently a lot of debris ends up in your pool.

Power Source

There is a wide variety of battery sizes and plug types for pool vacuums. There are battery-operated, hose-connected, pool-sucking, and manual options. It's important to have the right accessories for the vacuum you're thinking about buying.


There is a wide variety of pool vacuums available to suit any budget. Prices range from around $20 to over $900. In this case, it is recommended that you determine a price range that you are comfortable with and then begin your search.

Type of Debris

Finally, think about the kinds of trash the pool vacuum can collect. You'll want to pick one that can handle the specific type of filth you're dealing with, such as sand or algae.


Do I Need A Vacuum For My Pool?

I'm afraid you do. However, if you want to maintain your pool clean, tidy, and healthy for the family, a pool vacuum is a must-have. This is despite the fact that vacuuming is a conventional (and loathed) labor. No matter if your pool is in-ground or above-ground, it is susceptible to collecting a wide variety of unwanted detritus from the outdoors. To add insult to injury, nobody wants to be adrift or swimming in that!


Your pool, like everything else in the world, will grow dirty with time, therefore cleaning it is a must before every swim. Maintaining a healthy chemical balance is essential, as is making sure the water is free of anything you wouldn't want floating around. And this is where the use of a vacuum cleaner becomes really helpful. So that you can swim in peace knowing that you won't be contaminated by trash, they go around sucking it all up.

What Is A Pool Vacuum?

Let's make sure we have the same understanding of what a pool vacuum is before we take a leisurely... swim... through some of the top handheld pool vacuums. The standard household vacuum does not use suction to pick up dust and grime like these do. However, things get a little trickier when it comes time to clean the pool. There is a filter in a pool that will remove larger debris like leaves and sticks, but a vacuum is still necessary to remove the finer dust and dirt. It's amazing how much simple soil and sand can accumulate near the base.


However, there are a variety of pool vacuums available. You should have a basic understanding of each type to choose which one is most suited to your needs. Even though we'll be spending most of our time today on handheld devices, since they're among the most portable and user-friendly choices, let's take a brief look at some alternative designs you may want to give another look at.

How Often Should You Run a Pool Vacuum?

Once a week, or more frequently if you see a lot of filth or buildup, you should vacuum your pool. Regular upkeep is essential for a fun day in the pool.

Is a Handheld Pool Cleaner Worth It?

That's what we've come to believe, anyway. They are not prohibitively expensive but usually produce superior results. Instead of relying on a self-cleaning system or a robotic vacuum, you may take charge of the dirt you collect and double-check that you've removed every last trace of it.


We may have waxed poetic on the value of maintaining clean pool water previously, but we simply cannot overstate the significance of having a pool vacuum. Whether you choose a portable model or something more substantial, you'll be well on your way to preserving the health of your pool.

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